‘Aquarius’ TV Show Spoilers: David Duchovny Says Manson Is ‘Not Our Only Villain’

'Aquarius' TV Show Spoilers: David Duchovny Says Manson Is 'Not Our Only Villain'
'Aquarius' TV Show Spoilers: David Duchovny Says Manson Is 'Not Our Only Villain'

  Revisiting tragedies may seem less than appetizing for some viewers, but others may be interested at least for the possibility of further understanding.

The Manson story however, might have some afraid to look.

Recently the cast of NBC’s upcoming “Aquarius” TV show talked about certain elements that audiences can expect after the series premiere.

Specifically, star David Duchovny talked about Manson and how despite the series focus on his crimes, he’s not the only one audiences should look out for.

“We do have small wins, and some big wins, too.

Manson is our main villain, but not our only villain,” explained Duchovny to TV Line .

His explanation is related to the ultimate dread that comes from knowing that the murders committed by Charles Manson (who will be played by Gethin Anthony) will happen despite the work of Duchovny, who is set to play the undercover cop tracking him and his family.

In other words, the audience won’t feel ultimately helpless by the end of the series.

Speaking of the end of the “Aquarius” TV series, NBC has announced that they will release all of the episodes on their official website after the pilot premieres on Thursday.

According to TV Line , the choice to release the episodes is a part of NBC’s attempt to “push some new boundaries” with how audiences consume network TV.

The “Aquarius” TV show is set to premiere this Thursday on May 28.

TV Line describes the series as follows: “In the 1960s-set series, Duchovny plays a Los Angeles police sergeant with a complicated home life who takes note of small-time criminal Manson when he begins recruiting needy women to what becomes his cult.” It goes on: “As history records, these members of Manson’s “family” eventually commit various ghastly crimes, including the murders of actress Sharon Tate and supermarket owner Leno LaBianca.”    

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