April To Have Their First Variety Show ‘A-IF-RiL’ On Mnet In April

April To Have Their First Variety Show 'A-IF-RiL' On Mnet In April

April To Have Their First Variety Show 'A-IF-RiL' On Mnet In April

April is a girl group from DSP Media debuted in 2015. Having six members Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol, April has made three mini albums so far. Having their first concert in 2016, they are about to have their first reality show. According to AllKpop , April would comeback with their first reality show “A-IF-Ril” airing on April 4. The show would include 5 episodes where the members would do various missions to show their growth.
The girl group was previously join KARA Project. In the end, only Youngji passed the competition and the remaining members later were formed into April. After the debut, the group made some changes in the lineup, but they continued doing their best for music with 6 current members. They also held successful concerts in 2016 in Seoul and Tokyo. This first reality show seems to be waited by the fans as they haven’t seen the girls since their comeback in January. Earlier this year, April made a comeback with the third mini album “Prelude.” The album consisted of 9 tracks, with 5 new songs. The title track chosen was “April Story.” They also held the showcase on the same day of the album release on Jan. 4. After having comeback in January, April has just made three appearances on Mnet, SBS, and JTBC. All of them were done in February. Having a long break before another appearance has made fans miss them a lot. According to Soompi , the group had already started filming for their first reality show. It was reported that the group was preparing a new album with this new show. Having comeback in April, it will be the first time for the group to perform with their new member Yoon Chaekyung from “Produce 101” Season 1. Fans are excited to have their comeback and they soon will see how April members solve every mission given. Read Next: Bullying Done By One Of ‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s Contestants As Reported By His Friend On Facebook

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