April Released Some Teaser Images For Upcoming Digital Single Album ‘MAYDAY’

April Released Some Teaser Images For Upcoming Digital Single Album 'MAYDAY'

April Released Some Teaser Images For Upcoming Digital Single Album 'MAYDAY'

April just released more teaser images for their upcoming comeback with “MAYDAY.” They paired up among members with retro style look and the vibe is really bright. April has made an announcement before that they will have their comeback in May. Previously, the girls have released the preview of their new tracks for their upcoming single album “MAYDAY.” The preview showed the clips of three new songs of April that will be released fully on May 29, Soompi  reported.
April then released new teaser images of the members in their retro colorful style. The combination of light blue, pink, green and red is chosen for the girls’ outfit and the makeup is quite simple yet very pretty. Some of the members are wearing colorful earrings and having a unique hairstyle as the sign of retro style, AllKpop  reported. It will be a fierce competition for April and other groups because they decide to come back at the same month. Even though the competition is tough, April has prepared a new concept to distinct them from other groups and their fans will keep rooting for them. April is a girl group from DSP Media debuted in 2015 with mini-album “Dreaming” and title track “Dream Candy.” Since then, the girls have released some hit songs like “Muah,” “Tinkerbell,” and much more. April received Girl Group Rookie of the Year Award in 2016 and it marked their success as a rookie girl group. In 2016, DSP Media announced Fineapple as the official fan club of April, which means Fine and April. The group has held several fan-meetings in Korea and Japan, as well as mini-concert. This year comeback with their digital single album “MAYDAY” will be more interesting since they want to bring back retro style in this era. Bringing back an old style can be very interesting if it can be pulled off perfectly. For Fineapple, they can have April’s comeback with new three songs on May 29. Read Next: ‘The Best Shot’ Released Three Posters Showing Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Si Yoon, & More

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