Apple Market Share 41.9 Percent Of All Smartphone Users In US, Android Still Top Mobile Platform

Apple has continuously dominated the smartphone market in the US for several consecutive years, and in a new study, the Cupertino manufacturer’s appeal to the American mobile market has not faltered. 

According to a report by GSM Arena , ComScore managed to get some fresh data about the mobile market in the US and reported that there are 169 million mobile phone subscribers all over the US who own smartphones.

This number accounts for more than 70 percent of all mobile users in the country.  In the report, Apple claims 41.9 percent market share of the entire smartphone industry in the US.

Meanwhile, Samsung is still clinging to second place with 27.8 percent, while LG gets 6.5 percent, Motorola 6.3 percent, and HTC 5.1 percent.  As we can see, Apple is still King in its home market, while Samsung and others lag behind with measly market share.  However, the title for mobile platform market share has been bagged by Android once more, which commands 52.1 percent of the entire smartphone industry in the US.

Google’s mobile platform is followed by iOS with 41.9 percent, and then Microsoft, Blackberry OS and Symbian which have 3.4%, 2.3% and 0.1% of market share respectively.  It is worth noting that Google’s platform is still the most used in the country, and everywhere else for that matter.

Naturally, it will have nothing against Apple and its iOS as the two companies sell different products.  Apple has been considered by a lot of people as a premium manufacturer due to its devices which always scream quality and functionality.

And while these handsets, products or devices are usually more expensive than what the market currently offers, some consumers insist that they would be able to use the device for a longer period of time.  The Cupertino manufacturer’s after sales services are also factors why the company has such a huge following in the US. 

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