AOA’s Mina Deliberately Broadcasted Her Weight, Shows Off Her Skinny Figure!

AOA's Mina Deliberately Broadcasted Her Weight

AOA's Mina Deliberately Broadcasted Her Weight, Shows Off Her Skinny Figure!

AOA’s Mina was reportedly seen in her post unwittingly revealing her weight. However, netizens in their comments about her Instagram, were certain she intended it. They further said that it was done on purpose, because she was the one who took the photos. Whether it was done on purpose or not, Mina is indeed very skinny. In February 20, according to Allkpop , Mina shared a photo of herself on a scale showing a reading of 94.2. Apparently, Korea uses the metric system so the weight is measured in kilograms. The reading she got from the scale made Mina seemingly believe that the reading is telling her she weighs 94.2 kilograms, which is equal to 207.7 pounds.
” What is wrong with this ?” Mina   apparently said when she got puzzled by the big number on the scale. But it is common knowledge that Mina is nowhere close to 94.2 kilograms or 207.7 pounds. Reportedly, netizens believe that the scale was indeed set on pounds, making her weight to be 42.7 kilograms when converted to metric. Reportedly, most women in Korea consider 50 to 52 kilograms or 110 to 115 pounds as the ideal weight. Purportedly, Mina who falls 10 kilograms below the desired weight, is considered very light. With this in mind, some netizens apparently are thinking that Mina purposely uploaded the photo. She then pretended that she did not know that the reading was in pounds to show off her skinny figure. Mina, according to Wikepedia , is a singer and actress best known as a member of the girl group AOA under FNC Entertainment. Mina has apparently acted in television dramas, including “Modern Farmer “and “All About My Mom .”   Accordingly, Mina also starred in the seven-part web drama ” Click Your Heart,” produced by her agency FNC Entertainment. She played the role of a cheerful, but clumsy 18-year-old high school student who developed friendship and a love triangle with four boys.

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