AOA’s Live Vocals Compared To That Of Girls’ Generation

AOA's Live Vocals Compared To That Of Girls' Generation
AOA's Live Vocals Compared To That Of Girls' Generation

With K-pop girl groups, the competition seems to always circulate between Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 at the top.

Looking at recent comments, however, perhaps AOA will be the next rising star.

On November 10, Ace of Angels (AOA) released their second mini-album featuring the lead single ” Like a Cat .” After live performance videos of the group surfaced online, observers noticed heavy comparisons between their live vocals to that of Girls’ Generation.

“I really like AOA and their songs, but I have to be honest here,” commented Liefssmarije on YouTube.

“I’m just disappointed and have to confess that they are really not strong live.

That blonde girl mainly has to carry the group which could be a big burden.

Only like three of them really are able to sing live well.” “Girls’ Generation doesn’t sing well live either,” responded Insquisitive m.

“It really is about catchy songs which AOA has.” In addition to comparing AOA and Girls’ Generation’s live vocals, there also appears to be heavy comparison between the two groups in terms of popularity as well.

“Girls’ Generation may be the biggest girl group in Korea, but their time has passed,” wrote Aidan Ismaet.

“It’s time for new talents.” “Don’t compare Girls’ Generation with AOA,” pleaded Miss Nadiah.

“They have their own talent, their own style of music.

I like them both, but Girls’ Generation is a legend that’s still popular.

But, AOA is also going to become a big girl group one day.” Currently, Girls’ Generation is still regrouping after the sudden departure of Jessica Jung.

On November 20, Girls’ Generation member Sunny played Roy Kim’s “Home” on her radio program “Sunny’s FM Date,” which many suspected was meant for the recently departed member.

“I don’t think you’re listening, but I hope you know that if you’re tired or alone, you can always come back home,” said Sunny before playing the song.

“It’s just something I wanted to say to a friend.”    

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