AOA’s Japanese Album ‘Oh Boy’ Hits #1 On Japan’s Oricon Charts

AOA's Japanese Album 'Oh Boy' Hits #1 On Japan's Oricon Charts

AOA's Japanese Album 'Oh Boy' Hits #1 On Japan's Oricon Charts

AOA released their first Japanese album, “Oh Boy” on October 14th and have received such great feedback as the album rose to the top.
Since its release, “Oh Boy” has sold nearly 22,000 copies and reached #2 on the Oricon rankings for the week of October 12-18.

During the week, it fluctuated between the #1 and #3 spots on the daily charts, facing stiff competition from Japanese idol group AKB48’s subgroup French Kiss, who also released an album on the 14th.
Unfortunately, AOA ended up ranking in second place on the weekly charts with a difference of around 2000 albums sold. 
Although AOA wasn’t ranked #1 on the weekly charts, the group gave a strong performance in Japan expanding their popularity overseas thus signaling a change in which groups are popular in Japan. 
AOA not only released a Japanese album, but they also began full-scale promotions in Japan and have tweaked the songs, choreography, and concepts to appeal to Japanese fans more.
They girls were also recently featured on the Japanese morning program “Mejamashi,” through which they were able to promote all over the country.  
Oricon is a Japanese music chart that keeps track of music sales in real-time, releasing daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the most popular albums and singles. 

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