AOA’s ChoA Reportedly Dating Najin’s CEO, Wrote Letter To Fans To Address Disbandment Rumor

AOA’s ChoA Reportedly Dating Najin’s CEO

AOA’s ChoA Reportedly Dating Najin’s CEO, Wrote Letter To Fans To Address Disbandment Rumor

ChoA recently wrapped in a dating rumor involving a CEO of an electronics company. The AOA member reportedly has been dating the CEO named Lee Suk Jin for a year. Choa and Lee Suk Jin were introduced by Super Junior’s Heechul, according to Soompi . The report also stated that the couple has actually been dating since last year, although there’s still no confirmation. AOA’s label, FNC Entertainment, responds to the recent dating rumor, saying that its party is still contacting Choa to find out the truth.
Lee Suk Jin is the young CEO of Najin Industry. In his early 30s, he has inherited the position since 2011. The company itself is known as an electronic distributor, whose the distribution complexes are located in Yongsan Electronics Market. Najin Industry also manages eWorld stuff since Lee Suk Jin is known for his passions for eSports. Prior to the dating rumor, Choa finally breaks silence to respond rumors about her leaving AOA. The singer wrote the response via Instagram, Allkpop reported. According to Choa, the label advised her not to give any statement to public in any form regarding her break, including in her social media. She apologizes for fans who have been worrying about her ever since she halted her activities as an idol. To conclude her statement, Choa expressed her gratitude to fans and hoped she could recover her energy during her personal break. On April, Choa made her fans worried because of her absence. Many fans were worried that she might consider leaving the group. Since she never said anything about it, rumors about her disbandment continued to spread like a wildfire. FNC Entertainment had released a statement that it was ChoA’s decision to take a break for personal matters and she has discussed it with the agency before. As of now, ChoA’s dating rumor is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for the latest update about Choa and Lee Suk Jin’s dating rumor!    

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