AOA’ Seolhyun Talked About Her Inspiration In Doing Diet On ‘Happy Together 3’

AOA' Seolhyun Talked About Her Inspiration In Doing Diet On 'Happy Together 3'

AOA' Seolhyun Talked About Her Inspiration In Doing Diet On 'Happy Together 3'

AOA’s Seolhyun is known to be center of the group. She also has killer body which makes every female jealous. Having a body goal, recently she talked about her inspiration in doing diet. Seolhyun once said that it was really hard when she has to maintain her body weight. Girl group gets attention a lot on appearance and thus she needs to keep her ideal weight to look beautiful in her figure. Although it is hard, she always does her best to show her nice figure. Seolhyun got much attention when she was starring “Orange Marmalade.” Playing a vampire, her beautiful face and acting were noted by many people. She got more attention after being chosen in a commercial. She showed body goal revealing her flat stomach in her sexy pose.
Previously, Seolhyun has shared her secret in maintaining body weight. In Interview, she said that she only drank liquid and didn’t eat anything before drama filming. She said that she did her diet like a vampire, Koreaboo  reported. Many people were shocked hearing her confession. Moreover, it was reported that there were morning and evening body weight checking in her company. AOA’s Seolhyun could maintain her body weight in ideal after doing her extreme diet. Recently, on “Happy Together 3,” she revealed that her photo inspired her to do diet. Her famous photo for SK Telkom was chosen as her inspiration to diet as she looked the best in that picture, AllKpop  reported. Her body line showed well in the picture. Although she can maintain her body with her diet method, many of her fans are worried of her health. It will be hard for her to get the energy for her full activities. Moreover, she often appears on many variety shows as a promotion of AOA album. Seolhyun’s fans keep giving advice for the idol to do healthy diet so that she can maintain her health. Read Next: Gugudan Will Be The Third Host For ‘SNL Korea 9’, Getting Their First Experience

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