‘Ant Couple’ (Crown J & Seo In Young) To Release A Duet!

'Ant Couple' (Crown J & Seo In Young) To Release A Duet!

'Ant Couple' (Crown J & Seo In Young) To Release A Duet!

On July 14th 2016, OSEN announced that  Crown J  and  Seo In Young  is in the preparation to record their new song.  Crown J  will be producing the track and the duet is said to be for their fans. For those who don’t know much about  Crown J  and  Seo In Young , the pair were nicknamed as the ” Ant Couple ” in season one of  MBC ‘s variety show ” We Got Married .” They had previously released a track together called ” Too Much ” in 2008.
In June of this year,  Crown J  showed up as a guest on  Seo In Young ‘s Naver V live broadcast to celebrate her comeback. The pair performed “Too Much” which left many fans and viewers content.     An informant from  Star Empire Entertainment ,  Seo In Young ‘s agency, said, “They have received much love due to their ‘ We Got Married ‘ appearance and many people still remember their chemistry. Both of them are thankful for each other’s harmony. And thus they appreciate this opportunity and are honored to work together once again.”  

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