Anna Camp Talk About Skylar Astin, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Release Date, Key And Peele Cameos: Couple Will Appear On Red Carpet Events Together

Anna Camp Talk About Skylar Astin
Anna Camp Talk About Skylar Astin

With just a month to go till ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ release date, Anna Camp has been talking about her boyfriend and co-star Skylar Astin and cameos she is excited about.

Seeing how well her relationship with Skylar Astin has been going, it won’t be a surprise when we see them on red carpet events together!

According to ET Online, Anna Camp gushed about the upcoming ‘Pitch Perfect 2’.

“I think that if they[fans] loved the first one, they are going to really love the second one,” Anna Camp shared.

“I would plan on dancing and singing while in the seats.” She also went on to reveal one of the cameos for ‘Pitch Perfect 2’.

“I’m a big fan of Key and Peele,” Anna revealed, sharing the news that comedian Keegan Michael-Key is not only making a cameo, but that his role is her favorite guest appearance of the upcoming flick.

“He had a cameo and I think he’s going to be amazing in it.” Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are famous for their PDA all over Twitter.

This got really out of control the end of last year when the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ couple vacationed at exotic beaches, but now they have their act together.

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are so classy together on red carpet events! According to, “Anna Camp had an aca-awesome guy cheering from the audience on opening night of her new off-Broadway show Verite on February 18: Skylar Astin! Her boyfriend and Pitch Perfect co-star stopped by (in the midst of some exciting news about his new TV gig) to cheer her on and hang out at the post-show party.” What an awesome boyfriend.

According to the previous article, Anna Camp spilled the beans on acting in the same movie as her new boyfriend on ABC.

“He’s my best friend,” she gushed.

“It’s hard to date other actors.

This just works out really, really well.

“We weren’t really on set with each other unless I came to visit him on a day that he was shooting or he came to visit me on days when I was shooting.

“I was there as ‘the girlfriend’ supporting him and making sure he was good and he was there supporting me,” she said.

“It was like I was just dating, you know, a [guy] who happened to be in a movie.” ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ release date is May 15, 2015.

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