Aniplex Announces Pre-orders For ‘Sword Art Online Extra Edition’, ‘Silver Spoon Season 2’, And ‘Kill La Kill’ Blu-ray

Every day across the many available DVD sellers across America, someone is unhappy that yet again they cannot find the title they so desperately want.

This is a plight that North American fans of Japanese anime know all too well, as finding a licensed version of your favorite Japanese import required either recording what aired on TV networks like Toonami or Adult Swim, or importing DVDs straight from Japan (but good luck finding one with English subs).

Those days are slowly diminishing as more media companies continue to license more and more titles from Japanese animation studios.

The latest titles available for Pre-order through Aniplex are “Sword Art Online – Extra Edition”, the second season of “Silver Spoon,” and the newest Blu-ray volumes of “Kill La Kill.” “Our main focus is to produce collectible items which stay in people’s hearts and on their shelf space for a long time.

We want to produce quality products which deliver the passion and love of creators, casts, animation staffs and producers as much as possible and allowed,” said Henry Goto, the president of Aniplex of America, in an interview with Anime News Network .

It would seem that main focus that Goto explained in 2012 still applies two years later as Aniplex revealed a host of new impressive titles that will be available for pre-order in the upcoming weeks.

The first is “Sword Art Online – Extra Edition” which includes not only the OVA film that is set between seasons one and two of the series, but also includes an exclusive poster and deluxe booklet, according to Crunchyroll .

Pre-orders will begin on September 29th.

The second pre-order announced was a special DVD box-set for season two of “Silver Spoon,” which is based on the manga written by “Full Metal Alchemist” creator Hiromu Arakawa.

Pre-orders for this box-set will also start on September 29th.

Finally, fans of the popular series “Kill La Kill” may be excited to hear via a Tweet from WTK that Blu-ray and DVD editions of volume 3 and volume 4 will also be available for pre-order starting September 29th.

All in all, it’s a good time to become an anime fan in North America because there’s no longer the somewhat painful wait for the series to be available for purchase.


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