Animal Jam’s Rare Item Monday Is Salamander Gills! Obtain More Gems Using The Latest 2014 Codes For Free

This week’s Animal Jam’s Rare Item Monday is Salamander Gills! Earn more gems using free codes.

The new Rare Item Monday, the Salamander Gills, is worth 975 gems.

It is located on the second page of Bahari Bargains, according to

Meanwhile, the description for the new RIM, as posted on Daily Explorer, reads: “This perfect accessory will work great with any underwater excursions or ventures into the blue!!!” Jammers who do not have enough gems can use free 2014 codes.

Most of the Animal Jam codes 2014 are worth 500 gems and they are posted below: drawing   spooky   adventure  tigris   chimbu   ganges   nile   zambezi   The free Animal Jam codes 2014 can only be redeemed once by every member of the game.

Make sure to type in the gem codes in the redemption box with correct spelling to avoid further problems.

Meanwhile, Movember Madness in Animal Jam is back.

More moustache videos are coming and one of them is from the Zoological Society of London.

Watch the video below showcasing the amazing moustaches of the Bearded Pig, Pygmy Goat and the Emperor Tamarin.

To further enjoy Movember, Jammers can buy a moustache in Jam Mart Clothing worth 450 gems only.

As posted on the game’s official site, National Geographic’s Animal Jam is “a safe and exciting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors.

Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, chat with friends, adopt pets, team up for adventures, and feed their curiosity about animals and the natural world around them.”    

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