Animal Jam Codes 2014 For Gems And Updates: Get Cone Collar Before Rare Item Monday Ends; More Diamond Challenges Arriving!

Convert Animal Jam codes 2014 to earn gems and immediately buy this week’s Rare Item Monday! Animal Jam is an virtual playground for the kids who love nature and animals.

The game is a creative collaboration between National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive, according to its official website.

Jammers can earn gems by playing mini games available in-world.

However, there is an instant way to get hold of thousands of gems and that is through redeeming Animal Jam codes 2014.

Gems are the main denomination used in the nature-oriented virtual world. provides the list of Animal Jam codes 2014 that are not expired yet.

Check out these game codes below: tigris  – 500 gems ganges  – 500 gems ngk2015  – 1000 gems adventure   – 500 gems shadows  – 500 gems explorer  – 100 gems zambezi  – 500 gems chimbu  – 500 gems nile  – 500 gems drawing  – 500 gems It should be noted that the Animal Jam codes 2014 are only redeemable once by each member of the virtual world.

As for new Animal Jam updates, this week’s Rare Item Monday is a “Cone Collar,” which is available in the Medical Center Shop for 950 gems, as posted on

Furthermore, the  post  on Daily Explorer, the game’s official blog site, reads: “Put on your new Rare Cone Collar and head straight to Appondale, there you can find PEST CONTROL.

It’s a challenging game with enemies that can really start to BUG you if you’re not careful!” As for other Animal Jam updates, more Diamond Challenges are coming to Jamaa.

Visit this post to read the announcement about Diamond Challenges.

 Stay tuned for more Animal Jam codes 2014 as well as the freshest news regarding the popular virtual world.     

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