Animal Jam Codes 2014 And Updates; Stone Vanity Available In Various Colors For 550 Gems; AJHQ Successfully Adopts 3 Otters!

Convert Animal Jam codes 2014 for gems! Gems are the principal denomination used in Jamaa and one of the quick and easy ways to earn more is to redeem available Animal Jam codes 2014.

With enough gems, Animal Jam members can easily buy items they need.

To get hold of thousands of gems, make sure to use this latest set of Animal Jam codes 2014.

Grabbed from Animal Jam World post , below are the working game codes available for the Jammers.

ajbday4   – Animal Jam 4th birthday cake twelve  – one diamond ngk2015  – 1000 gems adventure   – 500 gems tigris  – 500 gems ganges  – 500 gems zambezi  – 500 gems chimbu  – 500 gems nile  – 500 gems drawing  – 500 gems shadows  – 500 gems explorer  – 100 gems ajbday3 –   Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake The Animal Jam codes 2014 listed above will give each player a total of 5100 gems, birthday cakes and a diamond.

Take note, however, that Animal Jam codes 2014 can only be redeemed once by every member.

After redeeming the active Animal Jam codes 2014, members can head over to the Outback Imports and purchase the recently released items.

For 550 gems, Jammers can get the Stone Vanity, which is available in a “variety of different colors,” as noted on Animal Jam Spirit website .

As for other Animal Jam news, AJHQ was able to successfully adopt not one, not two but three otters with the help of 5000 Jammers.

The post on Daily Explorer, Animal Jam’s official blog site reads: “AJHQ proudly thanks the 5,000+ Jammers that participated in the Otter Adoption that took place at the Summer Carnival in mid-September! Because of your continuous support, we were able to adopt the three otters featured in this video! AJHQ looks forward to teaming up with Jammers again, as we support animal conservation efforts in the future!!!” Watch the Otter Adoption video below: Stay tuned for more AJ news and for the freshest addition to the list of Animal Jam codes 2014.

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