Android Tips And Tricks: Extending The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone To Maximize Its Full Potential

For any smartphone owner, getting your battery to last for more than a day seems rather impossible especially if you love maximizing your phone’s functions.

Fortunately, there are a number of Android tips and tricks such as this one to help you get more juice out of your battery. 

Prevent your phone from getting too hot Most smartphones have a temperature threshold which if exceeded would cause the phone to automatically turn off.

Of course, you don’t want that to happen to your phone.

There are several reasons why your phone gets too hot.

You may be playing a graphics-demanding game for almost an hour, or there are rouge apps which are running on the background.  Turn on your phone’s battery saving mode There are a number of smartphone manufacturers which have equipped their devices with battery saving mode settings.

Most of the time, these settings can also be tweaked manually such as level of brightness, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

But obviously, it is more convenient if you can change all these with just one action.  Do not overcharge your phone One misconception about charging your phone too long is that it does not take the excess current, which therefore is safe.

The first one is true, but that doesn’t mean your smartphone is safe.

The cable and adaptor’s job is to transmit current, even if the battery is already refusing it because it’s already ‘full’.

This will place pressure on the battery, which causes overheating, or worse explosions.  Do not sync apps in the background People always want to be reminded of what they should do and when they should do it.

Checking notifications and messages in your phone is said to be more convenient if the apps sync in the background.

However, it will drain your phone’s battery faster over time.

Manually updating them may be less convenient, but it can save you hours of battery juice. 

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