Android Apps Free Download: Eredan Arena Is A Fast-Paced Card Strategy Game For Hero, Action And Spell-Lovers

Are you a fan of card strategy games involving heroes, sorcerers, warriors, monsters and a lot more? Then you better check out one of the new Android apps free for download from Google Play Store.

Introducing Eredan Arena by Feerik.  From the makers of the MMO version, Eredan Arena now comes to Android for people who are always on the go but can’t keep a PC beside them all the time.  Like the web version, Eredan Arena for Android is a card strategy game that will place you in the shoes of a master card collector who can summon heroes to fight for his cause.  While there are certain aspects and bonuses of the game which would require in-app purchases, most players do not seem to notice a major difference in terms of skills.  In the end, your fate lies on your skills in choosing a hero, some strategy in using the right skills and abilities, and of course luck for the roll of the dice.  In the game’s Play Store page, the game has 120 heroes to choose from, and new heroes are added to the roster weekly.

If you are familiar with card strategy games, you will also like the evolution system that will merge two cards of the same type and summon a higher level hero of that particular card.  Do you have a competitor spirit in you and you want to challenge your friends to battle? If yes, then you better download Eredan Arena now.

It is free to play and promises hours of fun and surprises even for the experienced card strategist.

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