Android Apps Free Download: 3 New Games To Download And Play On Your Smartphone

With all the new Android apps free download to choose from the Google Play Store, it is certainly important to get some idea of which ones are worthy to download and play.  Here are three new games which you can check out and play for free:


Shipwrecked Coming from Kiwi Games which specializes in building and strategy games, Shipwrecked follows that path almost completely.

However, this time around, there are more things to do.

Aside from the usual building of an entire community, visiting ‘neighbors’ and making friends online, the game also offers missions and achievements to keep you engaged.

Players should find a way to build a buzzing community from a few scraps and materials from the island.

Of course, there are treasures to find and challenges to complete while you are waiting for your newest building to finish.

The game is free to download and play, but there is an option for in-app purchases to get more items, and progress through the game easier.


Candy Crush Soda Saga If you love and are still playing Candy Crush Saga, then you will surely want to try out this new game from King.

Candy Crush Soda Saga plays the same as the first game, but there are also more features added to it.

For instance, there are game modes where you will need to ‘save’ Candy Bears to earn rewards.

There are also new candies, more combinations and still the feature that lets you know what level your friends are currently playing.  Like CCS, the game is free to download and play, with the option to purchase some goodies and power-ups to help you advance.

Of course, if you have played Candy Crush Saga, you would know that getting in-app purchases is not a game-changer in advancing and completing next-to-impossible levels.


Plants Vs.

Zombies Yeah I know, this game’s been around for years already.

However, just this month, Electronic Arts decided to make it free to download and play.

That means PvZ is finally here at the free apps section.

If you love the old-school way of squashing, hitting and firing at zombies, then you definitely should try this game.  Unfortunately, the free tag makes it prone to ads popping here and there.

If you have no problems with that, then by all means you must download and play this timeless classic lawn defense game.

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