Amy Adams Dazzles In Vogue’s December Issue, Dishes On Struggling To Make It As An Actress In L.A. And Having A Meltdown When She Turned 40

Amy Adams Dazzles In Vogue’s December Issue
Amy Adams Dazzles In Vogue’s December Issue

  Amy Adams is truly a star on the cover of December’s issue of Vogue .

In an interview for the magazine, the gorgeous “American Hustle” star talked about some of the insecurities she has had in her life.

Adams discussed struggling as an actress during her first few years in L.A.

and the “meltdown” she had after turning 40-years-old in August.

The star, who described herself as a “mess,” in the article revealed that it wasn’t easy figuring out how to live in Los Angeles as a working actress in her twenties.

“My lawyer called me after I was fired from the two shows and said, ‘Just to even get two shows in a pilot season is amazing.

So you’re doing something right.’ I thank him all the time for that call,” said Adams.

“To this day, gives me perspective, but going through it was painful, to say the least,” she continued.

According to the actress, who has wowed audiences in films ranging from “Enchanted” to “The Master,” she struggled to find work in Hollywood for a while after deciding to pursue her career in acting.

“[I] was able to do everything from day player to guest star to small parts in movies,” she explained.

“I felt a lot of pressure, but I just wasn’t able to get there in the audition room.

Or even in meetings.

My squirreliness would come out, and people wouldn’t feel confident.” “I’ve always been someone who had, like, a spirit of perseverance, but I actually almost quit because I was starting not to like who I was,” she told the mag.

Eventually her acting career picked up.

Adams now has five Oscar nominations under her belt.

However, the star admitted that she still felt inadequate earlier this year, right around her 40 th birthday.

“I was like, ‘I’m 40 and I still care what people think of me; I still don’t do laundry so I’m always out of things; I’m just not a grown-up at all,'” she said, “and I had this expectation that I would be by this age.

It wasn’t, ‘Oh, I’m getting old and I’m going to lose something vibrant about myself.’ It was more that I was just…so disappointed with myself.” “It feels like I worry about everything-mothering, relationship,” she added.

“I think it’s because I want to continue to grow; I don’t like being stagnant.” To combat her habit of worrying, Amy, who will next star in Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes,” is embracing living in the moment.

“You need to appreciate your life, Amy,” she told Vogue.

“Every time I get stressed out or anxious, I say to myself, Just live and love.

Feel love.

I think that’s what I took away from my turning-40 meltdown.”    

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