American Music Awards 2014: Taylor Swift Slams The ‘1D’ Star During AMA Performance As The ‘Blank Space’ Songstress Points Into The Audience Making An Eye Contact With Her Ex Harry Styles!

Just when you thought she made it through her song without slamming any of her exes, Taylor Swift, who kicked off the American Music Awards on November 23 with her latest hit single, “Blank Space” pointed out into the audience at the end of her hit single.

Any idea who T-Swizzle aimed her finger at?

According to, as she neared the end of her performance of the single, which apparently began as a joke on how the media pokes jokes at her long list of ex-boyfriends, Tay pointed a finger out in the audience at none other than Harry Styles.

Either someone told her where Styles was sitting or she probably peeked out from behind the curtain before taking the stage at the AMAs.

T-Swizzle Disses Ex, Harry Styles At The 2014 AMAs reveals that Swift pointed directly at Harry who was sitting with his band mates of One Direction! Do you think Styles got upset? He just looked at his mates and gave a cheeky smirk.

We are glad that Styles took it in stride as he has said that he didn’t mind being the subject of Taylor Swift’s songs! Reaction shot of Styles have not yet surfaced online.

We guess, he’s in on the joke? During his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on November 21, the singer answered whether or not he was aware of a rumor that he apparently sent Swift 1,989 roses, a nod to Swift’s latest album, “1989.” Styles admitted, “I know about the rumor,” he added, “I don’t know anything about the roses.

I think it might have been someone else and may have falsely taken.” Styles and Swift have been spotted hanging out as of late, recently the pair attended The 1975 concert in Los Angeles despite the obvious diss by Swift.

Well, we know that Haylor won’t be getting back together in this lifetime or is there something more going on between the exes? An insider told, “There’s not a chance in hell that Harry will date Taylor again,” the insider added, “He’s a nice guy and wants to be friendly.

He holds no grudges, but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Taylor again.

It didn’t work out and wouldn’t work out if they tried it again.

He knows that it would be a disaster.” Do you think Taylor pointed at Harry Styles? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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