Amber Rose Makes Dramatic Transformation! Wiz Khalifa’s Ex Dispels Rumors Linking Her To ‘Fashion Police’

Amber Rose tried on a wig in a stunning transformation as Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife nixed the reports that she’s going to host “Fashion Police” with the departure of Kelly Osborne.

In an Instagram post , Amber Rose tried being a redhead by donning on a long wig.

She captioned the image, “U like?”

One fan noted, “Love it my beautiful bald twin…ur bomb.” Another said, “love it 😉 I wnna see blonde 😉 ir black or dark brown Im loviin it ;)” Wiz Khalifa’s ex Amber Rose also wore the wig but letting it fall down in a black and white Instagram photo  transformation which she captioned, “Jessica Rabbit.”

And still another of her followers suggested, “Try a short bob cut with a bang next that’ll be cute too.” In an interview with Kandi Koated Nights, per Huffington Post , Amber Rose was among the names floated around, along with Khloe Kardashian and Nene Leakes,” to be part of the judges for “Fashion Police.” But Wiz Khalifa’s ex quickly dispelled those reports.

“It’s not my type of show…who am I to critique anyone.

I gotta sleep at night, so I need to do what I’m comfortable with,” she said.

“And I can’t sit there to critique anybody, because I like individuals.

So if you have something on and no one else likes it, I’m probably gonna always like it.

So I don’t know if I’d be a good judge.” Amber Rose has been making the tabloids lately after her alleged failed attempts to get back with Wiz Khalifa.

According to Hollywood Life , Wiz Khalifa reportedly doesn’t want to be get back with Amber Rose.

“The reason Amber is saying that she and Wiz are just friends is because he rejected her.

Amber made a move to get back together and Wiz appreciated that,” the source said.

“They definitely have been hooking up and Amber says it’s the absolute best sex of her life.

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