Amber Rose Dating Nick Cannon Rumors True After All? Wiz Khalifa’s Former Wife Now Pregnant With Mariah Carey’s Ex’s Baby

The rumors about Amber Rose dating Nick Cannon have been heating up especially after a tabloid site alleged that Wiz Kalifa’s ex is pregnant with Mariah Carey’s former husband’s baby.

The Media Take Out published photos of Amber Rose supposedly hiding a baby bump, along with this description:

“Child .


the Nick Cannon – Mariah Carey divorce saga is really starting to HEAT UP – LIKE FIRE.

According to a TOP SNITCH within Mariah’s camp – we’re told that Mariah is alleging INFIDELITY in the divorce proceedings .



and claiming that Nick got Amber Rose pregnant.” According to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry , while everything that Media Take Out  publishes should be taken with a grain of salt, in this case the pictures don’t lie particularly with Wiz Kalifa’s ex gaining major pounds.

“Mariah Carey is obviously distraught over the news, and the last thing she wants is her twins Moroccan and Monroe to have a little step-brother or sister by Amber Rose,” it said.

“Mariah Carey’s mental stability and constant boozing have been front and center since her break-up with Nick Cannon, and her friends and family are scared that Amber Rose’s pregnancy might be what drives the troubled singer over the edge.” The singing diva and the “America’s Got Talent” host broke up earlier this year over his alleged cheating ways.

Afterwards, the tabloids reported that Amber Rose is dating Nick Cannon.

“Mariah already was a mess when she learned that Nick Cannon had cheated on her and was dating Amber Rose, Nick having a baby with another woman can only end in disaster,” Celebrity Laundry  added.

Sources told the site that with the Amber Rose dating Nick Cannon reports, and now the baby bump, lawyers for Mariah Carey have a lot of ammunition to go against the DJ host in the custody proceedings over their twins.

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