Allison Williams On Christopher Walken As Captain Hook In ‘Peter Pan LIVE!’: ‘He Will Not Disappoint’

  Playing Peter Pan on stage is likely a dream come true for an actor.

Add acting opposite Christopher Walken into the mix and that’s just mind-blowing.

Allison Williams will be donning green tights and taking on the legendary lead role in NBC’s “Peter Pan LIVE!” next month.

And in a recent interview about the television musical event, the 26-year-old couldn’t help but gush over her co-star Walken, who will be playing the notorious Captain Hook. 

“He is so deeply cool.

Even when he’s not doing anything, he’s better at acting than I’ve ever been,” Williams told E! about Walken in a sneak peak video of the TV production.

“Even when he’s just sitting around, he’s funnier than I’ve ever been.” “For this next generation of kids who’ll be seeing this as their first ‘Peter Pan’, he will be Captain Hook.

And he will not disappoint,” added the “Girls” actress.

Walken appears to be enjoying getting into character as the villainous Captain Hook.

“It’s been fun,” said Walken.

“I dance a little, I sing a little, you know, that’s what I do!” The 71-year-old actor did confess that the challenge of performing on live television is “intimidating.” Williams also admitted to being a little nervous about the production at first.

“Not gonna lie, the bigness of it felt scary for a hot second,” she told E!  “I thought ‘Oh, my god.

This is called Peter Pan,'” she continued.

“And I know the person who’s playing Peter Pan real well.

One little girl from Connecticut.

And she’s gonna do her best.” It sounds like the cast and crew has everything under control though.

Christian Borle, who starred in NBC’s highly rated “The Sound of Music LIVE!” last year and is now tackling the parts of Smee and Mr.

Darling in “Peter Pan,” assured fans that this new production will be unforgettable.

  “Last year surpassed all expectations.

And this year we’re trying to take it to a whole new level,” said Borle, adding, “the whole family can tune in and watch…new songs and a new script and Christopher Walken.

Enough said.”    

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