Alien Isolation Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay, Review : Every Trailer And New Misdirection Trailer, Goes Gold Early Preview DLC Content Featuring Sigourney Weaver And The Original Aliens Cast[VIDEO]

The “Alien Isolation” release date is October 7, here is everything currently known about the game, including DLC info, newest trailer, and more.

In recent news Sega announced the details of Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode, offering a series of five DLC add-on packs that will be available from Oct.


Those packs will be released over the following six months, and are available individually or through the game’s season pass.

Survivor Mode will strip the game down to its most basic elements, pitting the player one-on-one against the Alien or another of the game’s enemies.

In the mode, you’ll need to use every item on the map and “complete a unique set of objectives.” Each pack will come with a new playable character SEGA has confirmed Alien: Isolation  has gone gold ahead of release, and launched a new trailer, the first of 9, to celebrate.

“going gold” means work on the game has finished, with the final version being pressed onto discs and boxed up in preparation for retail.

In other “Alien: Isolation” news, a special edition has been announced called “The Nostromo Edition.” Anyone who pre-orders “Isolation” will get a free upgrade to the special edition, granting one of two different DLC missions that are recreations of classic scenes from the original 1979 film.

The first mission, “Crew Expendable,” takes place right after the death of Brett.

Players take control of either Ripley, Parker, or Dallas and must force the alien into the Nostromo’s airlock.

Picking different characters gives the player different starting resources and a different perspective on events.

If “Alien: Isolation” is bought from specific retailers, a second DLC mission is also unlocked.

Again, taking place during the events of the “Alien” movie, “Last Survivor” makes Ripley playable again as she has to activate the Nostromo’s self-destruct sequence and make it to the escape shuttle.

In an interview with IGN , Alien: Isolation’s creative director, Alistair Hope, explained that these two DLC missions.

“There’s no point in us trying to match beat-for-beat what occurs in the film.

The film is much better at doing that than a game.

We came with the approach these guys had a plan to try and take on the alien, to flush it out of an airlock.

What else could have happened?” Hope told IGN.

Another genuinely awesome detail about the DLC’s is that almost the entire cast of the original film will be playing their iconic roles.

Sigourney Weaver will don the jumpsuit one more time as Ellen Ripley, and she will be joined by Tom Skerritt, Veronic Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, and Yaphet Kotto as Dallas, Lambert, Brett and Parker respectively.

The DLC will have a release date right alongside “Alien: Isolation” on Oct.


The “Alien” franchise has spawned numerus games universally derided as being terrible, the most recent of which “Colonial Marines” was one of the biggest gaming failures of all time.

This game, however, is shaping up to be very good, and anyone who has gotten their hands on a preview copy has said that it is pants crapping terrifying, and maybe a bit too difficult.

Rather than a shoot em up, the game is going to be more of a horror/ escape game.

The plot involves Amanda Ripley searching fro her long lost mother Ellen Ripley after the events of the fist movie, naturally, the Xenomorphs get involved and everything goes crazy.

In addition to no less than three different trailers (below) an achievements list has also been published At this time, the secret achievements have not been detailed but their point values have been listed below: IGN  got some hands on time with the game and had this to say, ” I begin in total darkness.

In the background, there’s a low hum, the strain of a gigantic space station trying to stay afloat.

And then a sudden noise in the distance gives way to light, illuminating a white door at the bottom of a long corridor.

More lights turn on in sequence.

There’s a powerful feeling of deja vu.

Everything is immediately familiar, though slightly different.

The corridor is made from the same iconic components as the Nostromo: the white automatic door in front of me; the dark, industrial lights that lined the walls.

This is an eerily familiar place, and one that I’ve always wanted to explore, but now given the chance I’m fearful to do so.

I have nothing to protect myself with.

That’s not entirely true.

I have a motion tracker – a hefty piece of kit, reminiscent of those heavy-duty walky-talkies used by the military in deserts.

Holding it up using a trigger button sends the rest of the world out of focus, as if all of your attention has been funnelled at the tracker’s low-res green display.

This is the future, but this isn’t advanced technology.

Neither is the torch by my side, the only other piece of technology at my disposal.


Isolation was described to me by some of the team at Creative Assembly as a haunted house in space.

It’s been said of Scott’s original film too, and walking down the corridors I understand what they mean.

There are background noises that might be innocuous but they so sinister.

Walking down one corridor, I see a corpse laid down on the ground, a smear of blood on the ground.

Suddenly a shadow passes across the corpse – there’s something in the room opposite.

Moving forward slowly, I peer into the room.


But there are traces of a presence.

A chirpy desk toy is swaying rather menacingly on someone’s desk.

Why would you go on? That’s the obvious question with all haunted houses.

Surely, you’d turn around and flee? There are objectives that call you on, down the darkened corridors, where you know the Xenomorph must be waiting.” “Based on the demo, Isolation absolutely nails that intense and horrifying experience of being hunted.

It also sensitively recreates and tunes into the world of Scott’s original masterpiece.

But the demo was just an experience.

I don’t know how that core experience extends over what could be a 10-12 hour campaign.

I suspect the Xenomorph might used in a way akin to the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, which only appear onscreen for a total of 15 minutes.

It’s likely the Xenomorph will serve as the background threat for the game, since during my time at the studio I saw some of the work being done of the rest of Amanda’s crew.” Again the “Alien Isloation” Release Date will be October 7.

In the meantime check out the several trailers that have been released for the game.

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