‘Alien: Isolation, The Collection’ Is Just In Time For Halloween, Get A 50% Discount Treat

'Alien: Isolation

'Alien: Isolation, The Collection' Is Just In Time For Halloween, Get A 50% Discount Treat

“Alien: Isolation, The Collection” is getting released just in time for Halloween.
While many parts of the world are getting ready to dress up for Halloween to get some treats or to enjoy the night with parties, gamers will be getting a treat with “Alien: Isolation, The Collection.”

The game is a practically a buzzer beater.
According to IGN, the new digital download features the full original game and also includes all of the previously released DLC. There are also two standalone missions where players can relive terrifying moments from the original Alien film. It gets more thrilling when players are reliving those moments as the protagonist Ellen Ripley and her crew.
Those who are interested in “Alien: Isolation, The Collection” can purchase it from gaming consoles for $39.99 and on Steam for $59.99, according to Sega Blog . However, Steam users will be given a 50% discount exclusive to a 24 hour launch day promotion.
The game will be released today, Oct. 29, 2015, and it will be available for PC, Mac, Playstation4 and Xbox One.
“Alien: Isolation” is an action-adventure video game that is based on the “Alien” film franchise. The sci-fi horror theme is still carried out in the game and is set 15 years after the events of the 1979 “Alien” film.
Players follow Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the original protagonist Ellen Ripley, as she tries to investigate the disappearance of her mother. Amanda is confronted with alien creatures during her mission and she gets into a struggle for her own survival.

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