AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of ‘Diary’ Concert In Seoul

AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of 'Diary' Concert In Seoul

AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of 'Diary' Concert In Seoul

Akdong Musician has been captured people’s heart with their talents in music. Recently, they just finished the first day of “Diary” concert and it was a huge success. Akdong Musician is a duo from YG Entertainment. They debuted under this company as previously won second place on “Kpop Star” in 2012. Debuted in 2014, the sibling duo has published several albums. They are “Play” in 2014, “Spring” in 2016 and “Winter” in 2017. They got a good respond by selling over 20 million digital songs. They also successfully held their first concert in Korea. Following their success, they held their second concert in Korea. Starting the concert on Mar. 23, they held it at Sogang University’s Mary Hall. The concert consisted of three concepts “Chanhyuk Diary,” “Suhyun Diary,” and “AKMU Diary.” The duo thanked fans for their support and they sang several songs like “Last Goodbye,” “Crescendo,” and many more. Plus, they did an acoustic medley of popular drama “Goblin” OST, reported AllKpop .
To entertain fans more, the duo also shared the pictures from their childhood and shared some nice memories. They did that in order to get closer to fans. Chanyuk and Suhyun did well singing in harmony. Their fans were really happy and felt satisfied. AKMU has been recognized more not only with their concert. This duo also made some appearances in variety shows. Recently, they were among the guests of “2Days 1Night” to produce theme songs with the original members. Grouping with Defcon and Jongmin, AKMU did really well in the show. Chanhyuk was the one in charge of producing the song. Together, AKMU, Defcon and Jongmin sang the song and they were surprised because their voices could match really well, reported Soompi . AKMU has been starting 2017 with nice projects. Fans in other cities like Busan, Daegu, and Gwangju have been waiting for them for the concert. The duo will head to another city after finishing the concert in Seoul. Read Next: Got7 Maknae Lines Have Killed The Cover Of Bigbang’s ‘Loser’ With Bambam’s Funny High Tone

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