After School’s UEE Shocked Everyone With Her Too Thin Figure, Leaving Fans To Worry

After School's UEE Shocked Everyone With Her Too Thin Figure

After School's UEE Shocked Everyone With Her Too Thin Figure, Leaving Fans To Worry

UEE After School is an idol who turns into an actress. She has starred many dramas to prove her acting skill. Having breakup with her boyfriend after dating for a year, she shocked the public again with her thin body recently. According to AllKpop , UEE’s figure seemed to get thinner over time and it was really drastic. In 2013, she still had a healthy body with chubby cheeks. But when she appeared at a press conference for drama “Illuminati” in November 2016, she looked really thin. Her chubby cheeks were gone and her overall body was too thin.
Seeing her very thin figure, netizens were in a crowd to give comments. They thought she looked sick with her appearance. People like to see UEE being healthy and cute when she first debuted. But nowadays, people are worried about her condition as they think she might be under a stress or have a problem. Meanwhile, the idol actress just broke up with her boyfriend Lee Sang Yoon, according to Koreaboo . The two began dating in January 2016 but announced it in public in May 2016. Then, earlier this year, they announced their breakup after being in a relationship for a year. UEE’s agency, Pledis Entertainment stated that the breakup was true due to busy schedules of them both. UEE has succeeded in starting some dramas and strengthens her acting. But with her busy schedules and her breakup, fans are worried that she might be sick. Some netizens even think that she might get anorexia and find it hard to eat. People can see clearly how thin her arms now. She used to have fit body and people are not familiar with her thin legs. Previously, UEE just finished her latest drama “Night Light.” Having ended early this year, fans are waiting for her new project. But as they are worried about her condition, they hope for her to take care of her health as her priority.  

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