Affordable K-Pop Fashion: AOA’s ‘Like A Cat’ Style

Affordable K-Pop Fashion: AOA's ‘Like A Cat’ Style
Affordable K-Pop Fashion: AOA's ‘Like A Cat’ Style

AOA is back with the confident vixen anthem “Like A Cat.” The group’s comeback style is very similar to Catwoman’s famous costume.

The Batman villain and bank robbing extraordinaire, also known as Selena Kyle, is famous for her love of black leather and seducing billionaires.

The AOA members looked effortlessly intimidating and sexy in shiny leather, net fabric, and killer knee-high boots.

The black wardrobe choices gave the members a slim and sly appearance as they banded together to steal a fist-sized diamond.

Any of the seven girls could easily play the role of the comic book legend on film.

If you want to shop for a similar and cat-inspired ensemble, below we have affordable pieces for a sharp night look.

The accessories have cat-like features, the black dress is feminine yet practical, and the Guess boots will make your legs look a mile long!   1.

Right Black Cat Ya Headband ($12.99) 2.

Muuba Ceylon Leather Dress $650.00 ($292.50) 3.

ASOS Cat Ears Half Frame Sunglasses ($9.48) 4.

Leather Choker with Crystal Pendant ($19.99) 5.

Formula X Shifters ($12.50) 6.

Guess Verina Boots ($110.99) 7.

ASOS Quilt Cross Body Bag with Cat Ears ($34.11) 8.

Melissa Odabash Lotus Earrings, Rose Gold ($62.00) — About the author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of

She’s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

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