Affordable Beauty: CL’s And Lee Ho Jung’s $20 MAC Lip Gloss

Affordable Beauty: CL's And Lee Ho Jung's $20 MAC Lip Gloss
Affordable Beauty: CL's And Lee Ho Jung's $20 MAC Lip Gloss

Red lipstick never goes out of style.

The newest twist to the timeless shade is an unapologetic dose of sparkle! In the December issue of Marie Claire, the magazine dubbed the shimmering trend the “Party Queen” look.

To showcase the mesmerizing effect, model Lee Ho Jung donned MAC Cosmetic’s Dazzleglass, Love Alert in a special Christmas-themed pictorial for the issue.

The glimmer style was recently brought back to the forefront by 2NE1’s leader CL.

The idol’s lips had a fairytale-like glimmer in the March issue of W Korea .

She also used the same MAC shade, which is part of the Objects of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass collection.

According to MAC, “[Dazzleglass provides] Lip color that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips.

Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystals.

It provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence.” The gloss is also a non-sticky moisturizer, has a vanilla aroma and can be combined with other lipsticks for a layered effect.

If you want to add shine to your lips, you can shop for the coveted color below! MAC Dazzleglass, Love Alert $14 at Brigette’s Boutique $20 at MAC Cosmetics $20 at Nordstrom To shop for more affordable beauty products used by Korean celebrities, click here ! — About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of

She’s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

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