Adele ‘Taking Her Time’ On New Album; Release Date Delayed Until 2016?

Adele ‘Taking Her Time’ On New Album; Release Date Delayed Until 2016?
Adele ‘Taking Her Time’ On New Album; Release Date Delayed Until 2016?

After fans and experts thought Adele would release a follow up to “21” last year, it is starting to look like that the new album of the “Rolling In The Deep” singer will come out in 2016 after she is reportedly taking another break before finishing the record.

In a report  by Digital Spy, music producer Emile Haynie revealed that Adele has in fact been taking the recording process of her new album slowly after the two met in person.

The producer claimed that they might not have the chance to work together, as the soul singer prepares for her much-anticipated album in four years.

“Adele was awesome, but I don’t know if we’ll be working together,” Haynie said.

“We got along well as friends when we met in February and I hope we can cut some songs, but Adele is taking her time.” “I’d push for it to happen, but we’ll have to wait and see.” With the cool and calm attitude of the singer toward her follow up record, experts believe that the release date for the LP may be extended until 2016.

Meanwhile, hints of different sound are expected to come out on Adele’s future release.

In a recent report  by Digital Spy, Kelly Clarkson hinted that she might have heard a country inspired record from the “Skyfall” singer, as she is also waiting for Adele’s new LP.

“Adele I heard is doing something more country-influenced with this next record,” said Clarkson.

In a different report  by Mirror suggested that the 26-year-old singer may in fact be experimenting with country music after an insider revealed the singer taking inspiration from Nashville, which is known for rock, jazz, R&B and country music.

“Adele finds Nashville very inspiring.

It is an iconic destination and full of music history,” the insider said.

“But she also wants to remain low-key.”

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