Adam Brody Confesses Love For Good Romantic Comedies, And The Occasional Bad One

  Adam Brody stole the hearts of fans over 10 years ago on his hit series “The OC.” During an interview on ” The Meredith Vieira Show ” on Tuesday, Brody gave admirers yet another reason to swoon when he revealed that he has a thing for good romantic comedies.

Yep, it sounds like his wife Leighton Meester is one lucky lady.

When Vieira asked Brody what movie would fans be surprised to know he loves, the 34-year-old actor had one cute answer.

“I recall really liking the movie ‘Serendipity,'” he confessed.

“I haven’t seen it since it came out so does it hold up for me, I don’t know.” Surprised, Vieira asked Brody to confirm he was talking about the “chick flick.” “Yeah, sure.

It’s a romantic comedy,” answered the “Life Partners” star.

“I really just like it a lot.

I am all for a romantic comedy.

I love a good one.” “They are hard to do well.

Most are not good.

Most are very bad,” Brody added.

“I also kind of enjoy those too in a fun, making-fun-of-it way.

A bad one.

I like bad movies, too.” Vieira then pushed Brody to name one “bad movie” that he likes.

“I’m going to lose a job for this, this is for you, guys.

I don’t work,” he joked.

“There’s a crazy romantic comedy called ‘Because I Said So’ with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton that is bonkers.

It’s so bonkers.

I get a kick out of it.” That sounds like a great movie night pick to us! Brody recently talked about watching TV with his wife Leighton and it appears that the couple makes an effort to share each other’s interests.

“She’s wonderful about watching what I watch,” Brody said during an interview with HuffPost Live .

“I’ll watch anything she watches but then I fall asleep.

But she does a lot of ‘Chopped’ which I really enjoy,” he added.

According to Brody, Meester has devoted a considerable amount of time to watching his favorite sport.

“I can’t believe she’d done it but she’s probably watched a thousand rounds of boxing with me,” he explained with a smile.

“Which I really appreciate.” When asked if his wife actually found boxing interesting, Brody quickly responded, “Yeah, she’s into it.

She’ll talk boxing with you.” So who’s Meester’s favorite boxer? “She kind of likes the good guys.” Adam and Leighton make one adorable couple.


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