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Actress Nam Bo Ra Breaks Up With Boyfriend The Morning After Valentine’s Day

Actress Nam Bo Ra Breaks Up With Boyfriend The Morning After Valentine's Day

Actress Nam Bo Ra has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend on Feb. 15, the morning after Valentine’s Day. 
Although Korean news outlet YTN news previously uploaded photos of Nam Bo Ra and her boyfriend enjoying a date on Valentine’s day, the actress’s agency, Will Entertainment, has now reported that the two broke up the following morning. 

On Feb. 15, a representative at Will Entertainment told Korean news outlet TV Report , “Nam Bo Ra had broken up with her boyfriend, Mr. Choi, in the past. However, it was not a bad breakup, so they still meet occasionally.”
The representative then clarified further. “They did meet yesterday on Feb 14, but this morning they completely ended things.” 
“When Nam Bo Ra camee into work this morning, she wasn’t sure how to tell us,” the agency added. “But she didn’t want to deceive anyone, so she told us the truth of the situation.” 
Photos of Bo Ra and her boyfriend on a date were previously uploaded on Feb. 11. At that time, her boyfriend was reported to be the son of the CEO of a large company. 
Nam Bora has starred in multiple dramas and films , including “Moon Embracing the Sun” and “Only Love,” for which she won multiple acting awards.