Aaliyah Movie: Biopic Lawsuit? Timbaland Slams Lifetime Film [NEWS]

Timbaland has criticized Lifetime’s new film about deceased singer and actress Aaliyah, mentioning it “wasn’t done right.”

“For the first time, I think everybody was all in agreeance on everything when it came to Baby Girl with this bio-it wasn’t done right,” he said during an interview on Hot 97.

“It was just done wrong.” The 42-year-old rapper also revealed that Aaliyah’s family members were opposed to the movie, citing their reaction to its timing.

Timbaland was among the first celebrities to publically comment on the biopic upon its release.

Producer Debra Martin Chase mentioned it was a difficult film to work on and that the team in charge of its production worked as hard as they could to produce a good representation of Aaliyah.

“Biopics are hard,” Chase said, according to the Washington Post.

“People have an opinion and social media allows them to voice that opinion.

But at the end of the day, our goal was to make the best movie possible.” Although some rumors on social media have suggested fans and celebrities close to Aaliyah outraged by the biopic may seek lawsuits, the claims have not been proven.

Neither Timbaland nor the late singer’s relatives have publically mentioned taking action in court.     

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