A Rookie Girl Group LIPBUBBLE’s Song ‘Popcorn’ Is Reported Plagiarizing TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’ Concept

A Rookie Girl Group LIPBUBBLE's Song 'Popcorn' Is Reported Plagiarizing TWICE's 'Cheer Up' Concept

A Rookie Girl Group LIPBUBBLE's Song 'Popcorn' Is Reported Plagiarizing TWICE's 'Cheer Up' Concept

LIPBUBBLE is a rookie girl group from Zenith Media Contents. Consisting of seven members, the girls debuted with “Popcorn.” But they got critiques a lot for being accused of plagiarizing TWICE. LIPBUBBLE made their debut on Mar. 22, 2017. The girls were wearing cheerleader outfits singing their song “Popcorn.” Cheerleader concept is not the first time to be used by girl groups. Some girl groups have used this concept before. But people noticed the similarity of the color and design of their outfits with TWICE. Also, the choreography of the song “Popcorn” is mostly similar to TWICE’s Cheer Up,” AllKpop  reported.
One thing that really captures the attention is the photo. Previously TWICE members took the shoot in a stadium wearing green and white outfits for the shoot. The girls were sitting and mostly looking at the same direction. LIPBUBBLE also have the same photo with this pose. Moreover, their outfits are also the same. Thus, many netizens think that LIPBUBBLE have copied TWICE’s ideas. Previously, LIPBUBBLE with seven members Ina, Ryua, Seoryn, Eunbyeol, Mirae, Hanbi and Hana have already given some teasers about their debut. The girls got much attention with their cute concepts, JapakoMusic  reported. But as the time has come, people start to hate the concept for being really similar to TWICE’s “Cheer Up.” Actually, Girls’ Generation have already used cheerleader concept before. But it wasn’t fully about cheer leading. For TWICE, they focused on cheer leading concept with several cute dance moves. A rookie girl group LIPBUBBLE got critiques a lot online. But as the girls also have some fans, their fans try to protect them saying it is the company the one to blame. Some netizens tell others that it is not a choice of the girls to choose a concept or a song. Thus, they are not the ones to blame. But since many people, mostly TWICE’s fans, have already noticed the big similarity, they show no respect anymore saying that the company does noise marketing to get more fame. Read Next: Sistar’s Hyorin To Release A New Single, To Collaborate With Rapper Changmo In April  

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