A Recap On KCON 2016 LA’s 2-Day Concert [Part 2]

A Recap On KCON 2016 LA's 2-Day Concert [Part 2]

A Recap On KCON 2016 LA's 2-Day Concert [Part 2]

If there’s one things fans remember about KCON 2016 LA presented by Toyota, it would have to be the M Countdown concerts. With a 2-concert lineup that included SHINee, BTS, Girls’ Generations – TTS, Block B, GFriend, f(x)’s Amber, Monsta X, TWICE, ASTRO, Dean, Eric Nam, Turbo, Davichi and I.O.I, it’s easy to see why these concerts would be hard to forget. Both Saturday and Sunday night’s concerts boasted a stellar lineup and both could easily be considered the highlight of every KCON-goers experience.

Opening Sunday night’s concert with a bang, Monsta X stormed the stage of the Staples Center, delivering a performance so powerful it forced every member of the audience to their feet. With unprecedented charisma and breathtaking choreography, Monsta X left an indelible impression on the crowd. The rookie sensation ASTRO was next to take the stage, their bright smiles and bubbly charms making them an instant crowd favorite. Melting hearts with never-ending fanservice, ASTRO wooed the crowd as only an impossibly adorable rookie group can. Keeping with the theme of rookie groups, TWICE was next in the evening’s lineup. With thousands of fans cheering, dancing and singing along, these girls kept the energy in the room as high as ever with a performance that left everyone wishing for more. The evening’s only solo artist, Eric Nam, was up next. Just as he’d done in New York, Nam won over the hearts of the crowd with his brilliant smile and unending charms. But unlike his appearance at KCON NY, which was strictly a one-man show, Nam surprised the crowd by performing a string of duets. Accompanied by ASTRO’s rapper JinJin, Teesa Houston of American EDM duet KOLAJ and Amber, Nam delivered a performance not soon to be forgotten. Vocal legends, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, otherwise known as Davichi, were next to wow the crowd, their powerful vocals proving that these ladies still have what it takes to move a crowd. With a performance as beautiful as it was moving, Davichi left the audience in tears. While Eric Nam’s special guest appearance could easily be considered one of the night’s special stages, it was the surprise performances by both TWICE and Monsta X which really stole the show. Performing Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” TWICE once again brought the audience to their feet, the entire arena ringing with the voices of tens of thousands singing along to this obvious crowd favorite. Hot on their heels, Monsta X reappeared almost as if by magic, to perform a version of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” that could have easily stopped the hearts of every MonBeBe in the room. With emotions running high and the energy in the arena palpable, Girls’ Generation – TTS had no problem turning that energy into a party. Bringing the entire audience to their feet, TTS delivered a performance that will long be remembered as will the moment the girls took to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and Tiffany’s birthday. As exciting and energetic as the crowd has been all night, it was nothing in comparison to the way fans reacted when the evening’s closing act, BTS, took the stage. With a deafening roar, BTS was welcomed to the stage. Feeding off the crowd’s energy, the boys of BTS delivered a performance so outstanding, it’s sure to be remembered by many as the defining moment of KCON 2016 LA. The end of BTS’ set brought with it the end, not only of the concert, but the convention itself. With such an incredible weekend of events, those who attended KCON are sure to look back on their time in Los Angeles as one of the highlights of the year. With so many fond memories there are sure to be many Hallyu lovers who have already started their countdown to KCON 2017.

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