A-Pink Releases MV Teaser Of ‘LUV’

A-Pink Releases MV Teaser Of 'LUV'
A-Pink Releases MV Teaser Of 'LUV'

Girl group A Pink released the teaser for the music video of their mini 5th album title song “LUV”.

On November 17, A Pink posted on their YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter a teaser video of their “LUV” music video.

In the video, A Pink members missing their first love is shown.

They are seen in an empty room, crying at the thought of their lover.

Their agency said, “The point of the music video this time was to express yearning and desperation and the members did a great job at it.

The members gave each other suggestions and advice, helping each other out during filming.

I think a great music video was produced as a result.” A Pink will be holding a showcase for their 5th album on November 20 and hold their comeback stage on November 21.

The album will be released on November 24.

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