A Pink Look Delectably Sweet In “Pink Luv” Music Video Teaser

A Pink Look Delectably Sweet In "Pink Luv" Music Video Teaser
A Pink Look Delectably Sweet In "Pink Luv" Music Video Teaser

A Pink  is set to drop their 5th mini album on November 24 but before we take a bite of their new music, the girls are serving up some saccharine visuals in their “Pink Luv” music video teaser.

In the 30-second teaser below, the A Pink girls are all sitting on a window ledge, laughing, talking and munching on treats while a tender tune plays in the background.

The girls are wearing dainty schoolgirl-like outfits of white long-sleeved blouses, pink knee-length skirts and white socks on peep-toe heels.

By the middle of the teaser, the girls start to leave the group one by one with the music building up in tempo until we are left with the beautiful Na Eun staring in front of the camera before the A Pink and “Pink Luv” logos pop out.

Fans who have not been keeping up with the “Pink Luv” teasers might ask: “What are the girls snacking on?” Well, those are yummy macarons! Earlier this month, A Cube released a coming soon poster which showed three of the delicious confections This has fueled speculation that the “Pink Luv” music video concept will have something to do with desserts, which fits the cheerfully sweet image and music of A Pink.

Fans watching the teaser cannot help but fall in love with the girls and their charming concept.

“OMG I can’t believe I’m very entertained of A Pink eating macarons,” says Fab Doge.

Many also expressed high expectations of “Pink Luv” since Shinsadong Tiger composed the song, the same composer for the A Pink’s catchy hits of “My My” and “No No No.” A Cube originally scheduled the online and album release on November 17 but it was then moved to November 24, but look forward to the girls performing their first comeback stage on November 21.

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