A Flood Of New Girl Groups Coming In 2015, Will There Be A Generation Change?

A Flood Of New Girl Groups Coming In 2015
A Flood Of New Girl Groups Coming In 2015

There is only about a month left to 2014 and many agencies are showing signs of releasing their new girl groups.

As there is a great competition of girl groups already, many internet users organized the ‘2015 Debut Girl Group Line-Up,’ catching much attention.

Each agency has a different way of marketing.

YG spent much effort on developing familiarity.

There is Kim Jisoo who appeared on Epik High ‘s MV of “Happen Ending” and Hi Suhyun ‘s MV of “I’m Different” and there is also Jenny who appeared in G-Dragon ‘s MV of “That XX.” If YG used the music video technique, JYP and Cube Entertainment used their talents.

Lina of JYP featured in Sunmi ‘s “Full Moon” and Cube girls also appeared as back-up dancers of singer G.Na ‘s “G.Na’s Secret.” TS Entertainment has been releasing the members of their new girl group SONAMOO one by one.

SONAMOO is a unique name for a girl group, catching much attention by its name itself.

As these girl groups have been showing glimpses of themselves, we must now wait and see who will become the star of 2015.

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