9MUSES Announces Subunit And Releases Teaser Video For Comeback!

9MUSES  have announced that they will be having their first ever sub-unit,  9MUSES A . They have released a teaser video which gives fans an insight into when the sub-unit’s comeback will be and the emblem of the sub-unit group!
On top of that,  StarEmpire Entertainment  have also released official information. The sub-unit will be releasing a mini-album called ‘ AMUSE ‘ with the title track called ‘ Lip 2 Lip ‘. This sub-unit will consist of 4 members including  Kyungri ,  Hyemi ,  Sojin  and  Keumjo . Based on the teaser video, it seems that they are coming back with a retro concept and so this has gotten fans pretty excited for 9MUSES A  sub-unit debut! They will be having their debut on 4th of August so stay tuned for more information and updates on  9MUSES A .    

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