8 Artists Confirmed for KCON LA 2017!

8 Artists Confirmed for KCON LA 2017!

8 Artists Confirmed for KCON LA 2017!

In less than 2 months KCON LA 2017  is coming, and the lineup is heating up nicely! Check out 8 artists who are confirmed to be attending the event.

The first dance boy group from FNC Entertainment will be attending KCON this year again after a successful time at KCON NY and will certainly make the crowd “Roar.”    

This group will also be returning for another round of KCON goodness this August to drop another “Cherry Bomb” on us.    

Astro attended KCON MEXICO earlier this year and will be coming to make LA “Breathless” as well.    

It’s no longer a “Secret” that the 13 member girl group Cosmic Girls, will attend KCON for their first time and make everyone “Happy.”    

Everyone “Shut up & Groove” because singer/songwriter Heize will be gracing KCON LA with her presence.    

Seventeen will return to KCON LA again this year so, “I Don’t Wanna Cry” anymore.    

There is no “Error”, you are definitely reading this right, VIXX will finally be returning to KCON LA again after 3 years.    

Girl’s Day will be joining the KCON LA lineup as well so “Expect” to have an awesome time!    

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