6 Females Who Dominate The Korean Music Scene

6 Females Who Dominate The Korean Music Scene
6 Females Who Dominate The Korean Music Scene

Idol groups may be the trend in South Korea, but these six women prove time and time again to be popular in their own rights.

Ailee As soon as she released “Heaven” in 2012, Ailee is one of the most popular solo singers in South Korea today.

Her powerful vocals and impressive stage presence has led Ailee to release constant chart topping songs, and to win countless awards.

Ailee sings a variety of music, mostly dance with elements of R&B, jazz, and ballads.

In 2014, her song “Singing Got Better” is nominated for multiple year end awards, and she recently released “Don’t Touch Me,” which won multiple awards on Korean music shows.

IU Debuting in 2008 as a solo artist, it took until 2009 with “Boo” for IU to gain a lto of popularity, and she soon became known as the “Nation’s Little Sister.” IU’s wide range of vocal talent, which she showed off prominently during her song “Good Day,” is one of the singer’s most beloved traits.

She has begun to transition to a more mature singer, and recently collaborated with legendary Korean singer Seo Taiji.

Younha The rock and jazz singer made it big in Japan shortly after she debuted in 2004, and became one of Korea’s most popular singers.

She’s not recognized as an idol, but is popular for her collaborations with Epik High, Jung Joon Young, and many more.

She’s also popular in Japan and has sung songs for multiple anime soundtracks.

Younha hosts MBC radio’s Starry Night show.

Her song “Umbrella,” the solo remake of the 2008 Epik High song that she featured on, reached number 1 in May 2014, marking her first number one solo song since 2009.

Baek Ji Young The longest running singer in this list, Baek Ji Young debuted in 1999 and is one of South Korea’s most popular ballad singers.

She also has released multiple dance tracks and is a popular OST singer.

Popular dramas like Secret Garden, Rooftop Prince,  and Gu Family Book have all featured Baek Ji Young’s voice.

Baek Ji Young held two concerts in the United States recently, revealing her international popularity.

CL The only idol group member on this list is 2NE1’s CL, who is one of the most popular Korean singers abroad.

Her powerful rap image and fashionable appearances has led her to become an icon in Korea, where she is known not only for her role in 2NE1 but as a solo singer.

Her song “The Baddest Female” was nominated for several year-end awards in 2013.

She is planning a solo debut in the American music market, and is being managed by Scooter Braun, who manages Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, and many more popular artists.

BoA One of the queens of Korean pop music, BoA debuted in 2000 and is one of the longest running K-Pop idol, known for both her singing and dance skills.

Managed by SM Entertainment, BoA has seen much success in both Korea and Japan, and is one of Korea’s most popular singers in Japan.

She also set her eyes on the American market in 2009, and appeared in an American film.

She’s focused primarily on music in Japan as of late, and has appeared in dramas, movies, and variety shows in South Korea.

She will be releaseing the Japanese single “FLY” on December 3.

Which female performer is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments section below!

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