5 Seconds Of Summer Ashton Irwin Falls Ill On Thanksgiving 2014, Cancels Channel V Appearance: Girlfriend Trouble Or Overeating To Blame?

5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin has fallen ill on Thanksgiving 2014! 5SOS had to cancel their Channel V appearance because of the drummer’s mysterious sickness.

Is his girlfriend trouble to blame or did he overeat for Thanksgiving?

5SOS bassist Calum Hood announced on Twitter that the drummer had fallen ill again and that 5 Seconds of Summer won’t be able to perform on Channel V for their fans.

He wrote, “Hi it’s cal 🙂 can’t wait to see u all at channel v today, ash isn’t feeling too well so he’s resting up for a couple days.” What is ailing Ashton Irwin? Because 5 Seconds of Summer didn’t reveal the reason for Channel V cancellation, a lot of the fans had to resort to guessing.

One reason could be due to Thanksgiving overeating.

Knowing the appetite that Ashton Irwin has (or knowing the appetite of a normal 19-year-old boy), the 5SOS drummer may have gone overboard with the eating this Thanksgiving.

Who wouldn’t have? We are all sitting here overcoming our food coma.

According to Daily Mail, “Ashton was set to appear with his Australian band mates in Sydney for the broadcast of the one hour Channel V television special known as the 5 Seconds of Summer Live Q and Hey.” Another explanation for the 5SOS drummer’s absence may involve girlfriends.

While Ashton Irwin has said in the past that no one in 5 Seconds of Summer has girlfriends, there could be come romance trouble that could have lowered the drummer’s immune system.

“We don’t have girlfriends,” Ashton told Love Pop Magazine earlier in the fall.

“It’s not a rule, it’s just like a thing.

We’re not in the same place for more than 24 usually, so it’s just hard to commit to anything.” Send some love to Ashton so that he gets better quicker!

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