5 K-pop Stars Who Were Discovered On Youtube: Ailee, Eric Nam, KASPER and more!

5 K-pop Stars Who Were Discovered On Youtube: Ailee

5 K-pop Stars Who Were Discovered On Youtube: Ailee, Eric Nam, KASPER and more!

Youtube has been a great platform to share creative content in the past years. It has also been a great venue to showcase great talent. It has been so effective in fact that many K-pop idols started their careers on the medium. Here are the top K-pop idols that are just burning up the charts today but started by uploading videos on youtube. While there have been many more stars to come out of the streaming site, these are the five that serve as the best inspirations for aspiring K-pop artists who are just starting out.
Rome/ Barom Yu.   According to K-pop Amino , Australian-based Rome or Barom Yu of C-Clown was one of the first K-pop stars to start from youtube during its early stages. His channel bboybyu was originally intended to showcase his bboy skills. They were so good that he eventually got an offer to start a career in Korea where he also started posting vlogs acclimating to his new home. Ailee. Ailee may be making a name for herself in the world as one of the most powerful female vocals in Korea but she started out doing amazing covers of Alicia Key’s “No One.” She even appeared as a guest on American show “The Maury Show” but really gained fame as a legitimate K-pop artist in her homeland. She recently debuted in the US with the new stage name A.Leean and continues to wow audiences with her amazing vocal range.   Eric Nam. “After School Club” MC Eric Nam was first discovered when he did a wonderful cover of 2NE1’s Lonely, wherein he showcased a male version of a song originally performed by four females. It gave the song a new flavor to the track. He continues to explore his creativity by collaborating with talents like Gallant and Tablo for hits like “Cave Me In.” KASPER. Kasper is one of the best gems to come out of youtube. She originally started on a platform to showcase her on-point rapping skills. While many artists start out by doing covers of established hits, KASPER’s youtube entries introduced the world to her original compositions, All Kpop reported Day 6’s Young K. Young K or Brian Kang originally appeared in a series of youtube videos along with his friends Don Lee and Terry He as a group called 3 rd degree where the trio did amazing covers and original songs. JYP was so impressed with Young K that they signed him to become a trainee and launched him as a member of the popular K-pop group Day 6.   More K-pop news? Check out Kpopstarz to get your fix.     

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