5 B1A4 Songs US Fans Should Know Before The ‘Road Trip In The USA’ Tour

5 B1A4 Songs US Fans Should Know Before The 'Road Trip In The USA' Tour
5 B1A4 Songs US Fans Should Know Before The 'Road Trip In The USA' Tour

Are you ready to go on a road trip with the boys of B1A4? WM Entertainment announced to the public earlier this summer that B1A4 would be going on a “road trip” to meet their fans across the world.

“Road Trip” will be the first tour where B1A4 will be travelling across the world, specifically visiting Taiwan, Shanghai, Manilla, and finally the USA.

Although, the group already visited the States once before as guest performers for KCON 2014, this will be their first official solo concert tour for US fans.

To prepare new and old Banas (as the fans of the group are affectionately known) who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their boys, here are five songs everyone should know before seeing the group live.

Get ready to sing along! 1.

OK Released on April 21, 2011 for their first mini-album Let’s Fly , this was their first single filled with an upbeat tempo that makes one want to sing along and dance.

The guitar has a tone of rock but the song is more pop than rock.

All the members are present in the song and all of them have equal parts so fans are able to hear every member’s distinct voice! The rap is combined with a funky beat making it a fun rap session.

Their first song is filled with all different colors making their group unique and their songs enjoyable.

This is definitely worth dancing crazily along to in the concert! “OK B1A4, we are totally your ‘number one fans!'” 2.

Solo Day Released for their most current album of the same name, “Solo Day” is another fun song to sing along to – and the lyrics are easy.

This is the perfect song to listen to when one is bored because it definitely will lighten your mood and you won’t feel “solo.” Instead you’ll feel as if you have company right next to you – like the members of B1A4 are right there with you.

When you are feeling bored from being alone listen to the song and you’ll appreciate the freedom of being alone! You may even want to start singing along loudly to this song while no one is around! 3.

Lonely Released on January 13, 2014 for their second full-length album Who Am I , “Lonely” starts off with a nice beat using drums.

The repetitive line, “lonely,” may make one feel depressed but as one continues to listen to the song it becomes interesting.

The melody is neither the tone of pop, dance, or R&B instead he has a distinct color and it engages more with the vocals rather than the instruments.

The drum is used in the background but the vocals and the lyrics make the song much more fun to listen to.

This is the perfect song to listen to while driving or working on sedentary activities.

This song is not as upbeat as their other songs so it may be hard to dance along crazily but it is worth swaying your hands in the concert.


Tried To Walk Released on November 12, 2012 for their third mini-album In The Wind , t he song starts off slow and silent and then it builds up to an energetic tempo making you feel as if you were in the club.

The claps make the song even more perfect because it pertains to the lyrics.

After all, if we are to part with someone we should be applauded for trying to walk away and move on rather than being stuck in the past.

The fast paced rap part makes the song feel energetic and fits the music well.

The electronic vibe makes it the perfect song for a dance session with friends.


What’s Happening? Released on May 6, 2013 for their fourth mini-album of the same name, “What’s Happening?” is a  fun and upbeat song that fuses rock and pop together.

The lyrics make you want to sing outside and greet the people walking by.

After all, the song does ask, “what’s up?” of its listeners and has a fresh and vibrant feel.

The beats are unique and are a mash-up of different styles.

The end fits nicely because as the song concludes, it builds up with all the members coming together and ending on the simple message, “You better be good to me.”  — Overall, B1A4’s songs are known for their colorful and upbeat tempos and energetic lyrics.

Their songs make the perfect road trip music and fans can make their time in the States memorable by accompanying them during their concert by singing their hearts out! Interested in seeing B1A4 live in the US? Check out the tour dates below and get your tickets HERE .

2014 B1A4 Road Trip – U.S.

dates: -Oct.

3 – New York – Best Buy Theater (8:00 p.m.) -Oct.

5 – Chicago – Rosemont Theater (7:30 p.m.) -Oct.

8 – Dallas – Verizon Theater (7:30 p.m.) -Oct.

11 – San Francisco – Warfield Theater (8:00 p.m.)

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