2PM’s Wooyoung Shows Support For ‘SIXTEEN’

2PM's Wooyoung Shows Support For 'SIXTEEN'
2PM's Wooyoung Shows Support For 'SIXTEEN'

Group 2PM ‘s member Wooyoung showed support for JYP Entertainment ‘s new girl group project ” SIXTEEN .”

On Tuesday, JYP Entertainment posted a picture of Wooyoung supporting the program “SIXTEEN” on its SNS.

In the picture, Wooyoung wrote, “Tonight, SIXTEEN 11PM” on a sketchbook and is holding it up at the camera.

His unique hairstyle and charismatic eyes caught much attention.

Wooyoung had sent in the picture to show ‘SIXTEEN’ support even though he is in the midst of a busy schedule in Japan, preparing for an arena tour with 2PM.

The fourth episode of “SIXTEEN” airing on this day will reveal the third mission’s results with Wooyoung featuring as a special guest.

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