2PM’s Nichkhun, Taecyeon Record Song For Thai Film ‘Touch The Sky’

2PM's Nichkhun
2PM's Nichkhun

  2PM members Nichkhun and Taecyeon have recorded a song for a Thai film titled Touch the Sky (Cha Lui) , reports Allkpop .

The song, which is titled in the native Thai language as “Wan Nun Wan Nee Wan Nhai,” will be included in the OST for the movie.

At the beginning of the official music video for the song, Nichkhun talks in Thai about his experience recording the song.

It then proceeds to showcase the beautiful voice of the Thaila American idol.

Taecyeon, meanwhile, is a featured performer who delivers the English raps in the song.

The music video shows clips of Nichkhun in the recording studio and also shows clips from the romantic comedy movie, where Nichkhun also seems to have played a role.

Fans were on the whole entertained by the surprise movie song release from the idol.


That was awesome.

Nichkhun has such a sweet voice.

Taecyeon was all so cool with his rap.

Very catchy.

I like it.

Did I also mention Nichkhun is HOT!” said an enthusiastic YouTube commenter.

The song, which was released officially on May 14, was originally sung by Billie Ogan, reports Koreaboo .

But Nichkhun’s cover had a more upbeat and cheerful tone to suit the lighthearted film.

Nichkhun and Taecyeon’s side project comes amid a postponed 2PM comeback after their music video director cancelled their scheduled shoot, forcing the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, to push back the return schedule.

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