2PM News & Updates: Beast Idol Chansung To Debut In ‘My Love, My Bride’ Stageplay This June

2PM News & Updates: Beast Idol Chansung To Debut In 'My Love

2PM News & Updates: Beast Idol Chansung To Debut In 'My Love, My Bride' Stageplay This June

2PM ‘s maknae Chansung is set to conquer a new challenge this year. The Beast Idol is set to debut in the stage play “My Love, My Bride” this June. According to Soompi , Chansung will be playing lead role of Young Min. The title of the play may sound familiar because it an adaptation of a Korean film of the same name that came out in 1990. The original film starred Park Joong Joon and Choi Jin Sil.
“My Love, My Bride” also had a 2014 movie remake which starred Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah in the lead roles. The story revolves around a newlywed couple who get married straight after graduation. As they begin to realize the realities of married life, their relationship begins to take a toll but the lessons they learn eventually help them evolve in the relationship, Han Cinema reported. It has not yet been announced who will play the role Mi Young, and become Chansung’s leading lady in the play. The play is expected to run from June 2 to July 30 in Seoul. Aside from “My Love, My Bride” stageplay, Chansung is also busy filming for romantic drama “Housewife Detective” where he takes on the role of genius private detective Han Hee Joon. He will star opposite Jang Nara, financially troubled housewife Myung Yoo Jin, who will apply as his assistant. This will be the first time that Chansung will be starring in a stageplay which is a different platform from performing as a 2PM K-pop idol or acting in front of a camera like he is used to for television and movies. Chansung has starred in movies like A Dynamite Family and Waseruyuki and k-dramas like High Kick, Romantic Doctor, Dream High, Teacher Kim and 7 th Grade Civil Servant in which he has honed his acting skills.     

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