2PM Fans ‘Go Crazy’ At Chicago Concert Before The Members’ Military Enlistment [VIDEO]

2PM Fans 'Go Crazy' At Chicago Concert Before The Members' Military Enlistment [VIDEO]
2PM Fans 'Go Crazy' At Chicago Concert Before The Members' Military Enlistment [VIDEO]

It’s not often a K-pop act drops by Chicago, and it’s what makes the recent 2PM concert in the “Windy City” even more special.

On November 16, 2PM visited the Rosemont Theatre near Chicago as part of their “Go Crazy!” 2PM World Tour.

On a recent KBC news broadcast, 2PM fans voiced their enthusiasm for group and the event.

“2PM is one of my favorite groups, so when I heard they were coming to Chicago, I knew I couldn’t miss it,” said a 2PM fan according to KBCTV.

With K-pop becoming more popular in the US, fans are hoping for more concert locations throughout the country.

“The only two bands that has come to Chicago are Boyfriend and 2PM (that I know of),” commented R Lazarini on YouTube.

“I traveled to LA to meet Infinite, so I wish that many K-pop bands come to Chicago and perhaps make this city the K-pop capital.” This world tour is particularly special to fans as it may be one of the last chances to experience 2PM before the five Korean members of the group enlistment in mandatory military service.

During an interview with Joy News, 2PM member Jun.K discussed their plans to potentially enter the army at the same time.

“If we entered the army in a zigzag way (through age), it would take us six years to be complete as a group again,” said the 26-year-old singer.

“Truthfully, we don’t have a lot of members in our group.

Whenever we do events and one or two members weren’t able to attend, it makes a really big difference too.

We can probably do unit promotions too, but it’s still not 2PM.” “I also want to enter (the army) together with the other members,” added Wooyoung.

“If the older members entered the army and we younger ones are left, I think it would be lonely.

Although Jun.K does solo promotions in Japan and Taecyeon also film dramas, it feels odd and creates a huge gap when the members are not here.”

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