2NE1’s Dara Appears On Coca Cola Bottle’s 100-Year Anniversary Edition

2NE1's Dara Appears On Coca Cola Bottle's 100-Year Anniversary Edition
2NE1's Dara Appears On Coca Cola Bottle's 100-Year Anniversary Edition

The Coca-Cola brand is celebrating the 100th year anniversary of its iconic bottle in 2015, and 2NE1  member Dara  can be seen posing in one of its commemorative editions.

On April 9, Dara uploaded a photo on her Instagram account (@daraxxi) where can be seen on the cover of an all-red Coca-Cola bottle.

“Coca-Cola Dara!!! Delicious-Dara!!! #cocacola” said Dara in her Instagram post, according to the English translation at YGLadies , a 2NE1 fansite.

“Dara is playing with the word ‘delicious’ (맛있다 – /massit-da/) and with her name Dara (다라),” the fansite further explained, enlightening non-Korean-speaking fans and revealing the humorous side of Dara.

Dara looked as stylish on a Coca-Cola bottle as she is on magazines and billboards, wearing a chic black-and-white outfit.

She wore a little black dress beneath a white motorcycle jacket.

She accessorized with a silver chain necklace and the black wide brim fedora hat that she has been rocking in the 2NE1 music video “Missing You” and in several public appearances.

But more than what she wore, Dara impressed with her beautiful face punctuated by a red lipstick.

Fans expressed their desire to collect the special Coca-Cola bottle with Dara on it.

“I really want that cola”, “Cool bottle…

just like you unnie”, and “My favorite unnie on my favorite drink!” said fans on Instagram.

While not all fans will likely be able to get their hands on a Dara-labeled Coca-Cola bottle, they can tune in to her web dramas.

She is currently starring in   Dr.

Ian  and will follow it up  in the coming months with We Broke Up  with WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon as her leading man.

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