2NE1 Beats Out Girls’ Generation, T-ara And More On M-Wave’s KFC Ranking Chart

2NE1 Beats Out Girls' Generation
2NE1 Beats Out Girls' Generation

Despite waiting four years to release their second full-length album, it seems 2NE1’s fanbase is as loyal and strong as ever.

Recently on M-Wave’s website , 2NE1 won the “FKC Ranking Chart” for best female group.

Garnering over 3,000 votes (28.9% of the overall votes), 2NE1 beat out other K-pop girl groups such as T-ara, Girls’ Generation, SISTAR, After School, miss A, KARA and 4minute.

“2NE1 won,” commented 21X4 on M-Wave.

“Blackjacks please keep this spirit up for [the MAMA Awards] voting too if 2NE1 gets nominated!” Earlier this month, YouTube released a playlist called ” The Evolution of Girl Groups .” Amongst names like Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls and TLC, 2NE1’s 2011 hit “I Am the Best” was included in the streaming video website’s playlist.

“Even before the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, girl groups have been a massive force in pop music, and they still are,” read the official YouTube playlist description.

“The list consists of 20 girl groups from around the world, including TLC, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, Pussycat Dolls, and Fifth Harmony,” tweeted 2NE1Playlist on Twitter.

“2NE1 were on the list with ‘I Am the Best.'” But 2NE1 are not unaccustomed to receiving international recognition.

Last month, “I Am the Best” was chosen to be featured on Microsoft’s new commercial, utilized as a subtle jab toward the company’s competitor, Apple.

The hit song accompanied the promotional video for Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 tablet laptop as compared to Apple’s Macbook Air.

The commercial will air on television for six months while the song will accompany the video on the Internet and other media for a year.

Currently, 2NE1 is wrapping up their “All or Nothing” world tour, with a concert set for Macau on October 17.


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